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Let us plan your event or meeting together in our exclusive location!
Customised menus, wide spaces and outdoor seating areas, free parking and everything you need to create something unique for you and your guests.

Cooking is a science,
it is up to the cook to turn it into art.

Gualtiero Marchesi

Discover all our offers. Plan and customise your event with us.

Professional setting suitable for meetings and professional development , meeting room, coffee breaks, possibility to project a presentation.

Private parties, corporate dinners, graduations, birthday parties, partnerships with hotels for catering.

Wide spaces for tourist groups, direct collaboration with local tour operators, arranged menu for food and price.

An ideal place to enjoy an aperitif with friends, a wide range of products, an outdoor seating area and free parking.

Free parking is reserved for Meeting & Events guests.
Besides the restaurant, it is suitable for small and large groups.

Free parking available for 3 hours in the Ca’ Marcello Parking structure in via Ca’ Marcello, just above the restaurant.

Operational mode

The restaurant customer will have to collect the ordinary parking ticket at the entrance and then, after lunch/dinner, we will give the customer the pre-paid ticket to use at the exit.
The user can go to the automatic cash machine and first insert the ordinary parking ticket and, immediately afterwards, the complementary ticket which will deduct 2 hours and return only one ticket valid for the exit of the car.
If the vehicle is parked for more than two hours and the supplementary ticket is insufficient, the customer must pay the difference.

N.B. The use of complementary tickets is not compatible with TELEPASS technology: if the customer enters using his telepass and not the ordinary ticket, he will not be able to benefit from the discount.

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